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STRUCTURE Rubber base (BIAB) “CREME” 06


STRUCTURE RUBBER (BIAB) BASE 06- light creamy beige. – FLEXIBLE

STRUCTURE Rubber Base is a product for a regular BIAB manicure and  for any special tasks… 1-5 hard bases, 6-10 flexible

NEW! Self-levelling STRUCTURE Builder Base with a unique advanced rubber formula with medium consistency.

Hard and durable, and at the same time extremely flexible builder base.

Special Structure formulation works as a wrap for the nails so they can grow healthy and strong without any stress and damages.

  • NEUTRAL PH level (very low acidity)
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Presented in a comfortable consistency
  •  EASY TO REACH a flawless nail plate
  • Excellent protection against mechanical injuries
  • Nail strengthening for short nails
  • Regeneration of thin and brittle nails
  • Exceptional application comfort
  • No air bubbles during a application
  • Perfect coverage,
  • Easy – to -apply formulation and guaranteed long lasting manicure
  • 15ml.