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New ACRYGEL series with shimmer.

Beautiful cover pink shade with a delicate micro-shimmer.

AcryGel/ Polygel is an amazing product which combined the best features of Gel and Acrylic.
It is easy to apply like a gel and it is strong like acrylic.

– is easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail technicians;
– is very durable and low filing:
– is suitable for both salon and advanced shaping.

– has no smell,
– has hypoallergenic formulation,
– has no heat spikes.

How to use

1. Apply Ritzy Nails Dehydrator

2. Apply Ritzy Nails bonding primer;

3. Apply MEGA Base for AcryGel or a thin layer of Ritzy Nails rubber base. Cure in a lamp: LED Lamp-60 sec., UV Lamp – 2 min.

4. Apply Ritzy Nails AcryGel, using a spatula of a Ritzy Nails Master Brush for AcryGel.

5. Gently spread the product with a brush of a Ritzy Nails Master Brush , don’t forget to moisturize the brush with Prep & Wipe Ritzy Nails solution . Cure in a lamp: LED lamp-60-75 sec., UV lamp – 3 min. White colours should be cured longer.

7. Shape and buff the nail.

8. Apply any Ritzy Nails top gel.

In stock

“Champagne” AcryGel with shimmer 56 ml