Welcome to the Online Course Almond “SLIM”

Lessons in the CLOSED INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT will be available to you:

• video with practice and theory;

• summary of materials;

• learn to model nails with minimal material consumption!

The course is suitable for already working masters .. this is not a basic course!

Also suitable for masters who has experience in sculpted french or who want to learn how to model a new shape, thin nails, as two lessons are provided … Almond Slim under  gel polish and Almond Slim double French line.

In the Almond Slim lesson you will learn:

• design thin, graceful and wearable nails without apex!

• minimum dust – minimum waste of time;

• how set up paper forms for the Almond Slim shape;

• double french;

• colored nail bed extension;

• malachite technique.

Study at home at any convenient time.

Start modeling for fun!

Access to the course for 2 months. Feedback, support.

With homework check.

***To get access to a Course as soon as possible, leave your Instagram account name in “Notes” field when purchasing please and send me a follow request to @almond_slim_online so I will know it’s you.

Thank you.

Price: 50e.

– 50% discount till 10th of June 2022 !

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